We make Leiden more beautiful every day.

For more than 40 years we’ve been renovating and restoring unique buildings and locations in Leiden and the surrounding area.

About us

The Oudendal Groep has (re)developed real estate in Leiden and its surrounding area for over 40 years, focussing on national monuments. Our portfolio is mainly located in and around the city center of Leiden, and consists of both commercial and residential real estate.

For the Oudendal Groep the most important values are: quality, location and creativity. By investing, restoring and (re)developing, the Oudendal Groep is striving to make Leiden a more beautiful place every day.

Sustainable restorations

The Oudendal Groep restores real estate with respect for the past. This is done with an eye for sustainable and future destinations for the city and its inhabitants.

Property preservation and maintenance

Maintenance is preservation. Our team, consisting of specialized employees, is engaged in the maintenance of our portfolio on a daily basis. This way, we keep our buildings in optimal condition


Our real estate is completely under our own management. We are taking care of the commercial, financial and technical aspects of our portfolio.

Quality, Location, Creativity.


The Oudendal Groep restores, renovates and manages a portfolio which mainly consists of national monuments in the city center of Leiden for the past 40 years. With a look at the past, we try to find the perfect fit for our real estate.

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”It is very pleasant for a municipality to do business with an investor like Oudendal. He adds quality and lives up to our agreements while we provide optimal facilitation. The best of both worlds.”

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We make Leiden
more beautiful every day

About us


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